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Chad Loder - Tech CEO and Far-Left Extremist - Suspended by Twitter

Far-Left extremist and "founder" of the (whatever it does company) Habitu8 Chad Loder has been suspended by Twitter after it was discovered that he has been using the platform for criminal activities. Chad is well known for his racist and violently inciteful conduct and had amassed a large following on Twitter being a bigot, a racist, and criminal doxxer. On average he would Tweet over 100x a day harassing and stalking his victims, encouraging and inciting violence, under the guise of "press". Chad Loder has numerous pending and past civil and criminal cases, including one which protects the name of a minor child. Chad has criminal violation of a restraining order case set for arraignment on October 27, 2021 at Torrance Courthouse at 8:30am in Las Angeles. Status Plaintiff Defendant Case Number Next Court Chad's Attorney Pending Final Hearing MAKOWKA, BRYNA and MINOR CHILD Chad Loder 21TRRO00670 (LA County Court) Next Court: 10/25/2021 at 8:30 AM in Department

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