Joseph A. Camp's Reply to Colorado State Representative Steven Woodrow's Audacious Tears

Dear Representative Steven Woodrow,

You call me out for saying mean things about you on the internet, but you still haven't called out your endorsee the racist pedophile rapist communist child human sex trafficker Tay Anderson.

Colorado Representative Steven Woodrow and his wife Johanna Politzer Woodrow

Your silence is deafening and I will most certainly continue to research you and anyone who has enabled Tay's conduct, from bullying and censorship to child rape and human trafficking.

Your most ardent and vocal supporters are a convicted Human Trafficker (Hashim Coates) and a conspiracy theorist, child stalker and whack-job who STILL can't admit she was wrong about stalking an innocent person because he "looked like" me (Mona Cedillo).

Hashim T. Coates sentenced to Human Trafficking classes after trying to murder a fleeing prostitute.

As a public figure, who sought the public spotlight, you are proper subject to harsh, cruel, and even accidentally false speech. Deal with it. I'm not going away nor will I be intimidated.

By the way, didn't you want to defund the police? Why are you screaming a victimless, non-violent, first amendment protected activity deserves to be "in prison"? Because I won't tell your narrative and will call you on your bullshit?

Representative Steven Woodrow wants to "Defund the Police" with credibly accused of 74 rapes Denver Public Schools District - Board of Education - Director Tay Anderson.

Representative Steven Woodrow, you work for me, not the other way around. You submit to the people, the people don't submit to you. I am not scared of you, or any salacious panderings you post.

Please donate your next two cents here: because I don't care what you say so long as you have not spoken out against a credibly accused child rapist.

No justice, no peace.