Joseph A. Camp Responds To Mona Cedillo's Libelous Claims Surrounding His Tay Anderson Research

Mona Cedillo - a known Denver far-left antagonist and stalker of children wrote an opinion piece in a pay-to-print publication called YellowScene in support of the Denver pedophile Tay Anderson. This is my reply.

Mona Cedillo

Avoiding the claims by Mona Cedillo directed at defending her close and dear friend Denver City Schools District -Board of Education Director Auontai Tay Anderson and the 74+ accusations of sexual assaults against him made by children, I am only going to address her baseless accusations targeted at myself.

Her quote in full:

[A]nother outspoken detractor of Tay Anderson is Joseph A. Camp, recently called “Denver’s Super Troll” by Westword Denver. Camp is well-known for his racist Facebook posts as well as repeatedly sending unwanted messages to people whose views he opposes. He is currently targeting the campaign manager of Anderson, including her 13-year-old daughter, with unwanted phone calls, text, and doxxing her on social media. (bold and italics added for emphasis)


Cedillo goes on to cite numerous Facebook post screenshots and other (allegedly from me) communications to support this libel. All of the exact screenshots used to validate her claims of racism are reproduced below. I challenge ANYONE to find one single instance of racism, let alone enough to be considered "well-known for his racist Facebook posts" as claimed by Cedillo. Don't just use her cites however, please visit my PUBLIC Facebook (NOTHING IS SET TO PRIVATE) or other social media and find ANY example of racism. All my socials can be found at I will wait.


Next, lets talk about her accusations of "sending unwanted messages to people whose views he opposes". She cites a couple of sources and even includes the phone number of the sending party. None of which are from me. I attempted to reach those numbers cited and they don't even work. I inequivalently state that I have never sent more than a request for comment or a reply to a stupid response. Certainly not the 200+ claimed by convicted human trafficker Hashim Coates. End of story. The cited screenshots by Cedillo are also below.


Regarding Tiffany Caudill's 13 year old daughter Olivia Caudill. Tiffany herself thrusted the pathetic kid into the public spotlight, wrote her "speeches" in an attempt to galvanize crowds, often with lies. According to Olivia's speeches she was raped by the age of 11 (I pray she wasn't raped by Tay Anderson), experienced extreme distress over active shooter drills by 10, had issues with ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) by 12, and apparently has a position on Planned Parenthood by age of 9... and on and on. These are all publicly known examples of Olivia's speeches. It's doubtful that she was raped, or had issues or concerns with respect to the Affordable Care Act, and maybe if she were raped it could explain why she supports Planned Parenthood...

In any event, Tiffany thrusted this liar Olivia into the spotlight but demands only favorable speech in coverage of her, which I am not going to bow to when the facts don't match or add up. If you dare call this 13 year old a liar Tiffany will say that you are "targeting" a minor. Such is how Tiffany has abused her child and used Olivia as a pawn in political agendas of the far-left.

Here are all of the images used by Cedillo to support her claims quoted above. You decide if there is any legitimacy to Cedillo's claims.

From Cedillo's livestream stalking of a fresh graduated student's (18-Years old) protest Cedillo started stalking a random person because he apparently LOOKS LIKE me. That's racist!

Mona Cedillo Stalks Random White Dude Because She Is Racist And All White People Look Alike

Mona Cedillo is herself a stalker, racist and a libelous fraud. Here she is seen posting horrible attacks directed to the 18-year old student, fresh out of high school with support from convicted murderous human trafficker Hashim Coates.

Here's the credibility of the source Hashim Coates.
Tay Anderson's Boyfriend Hashim Coates Restraining Order Brought by Minors and Infants.

Hashim Coates Court Documents Show Details of his Murderous Human Trafficking Crimes (page 1)

Hashim Coates Court Documents Show Details of his Murderous Human Trafficking Crimes (page 3)

From real life stalking and racism, to online cyber bullying and harassment of minors, Mona Cedillo is guilty of everything she attempts to claim I am guilty of. Unlike Cedillo however, I have actual receipts above, whereas she produces NOTHING authenticated or even in line with the narrative that she is trying to portray -that I am a "well known" racist based on my Facebook postings. Just her mental gymnastics.

I reached out to Cedillo for comment but she has thus far not returned my message. Should she reply I will update this with her response.

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